Matt began developing the Star Character Series when he couldn't find any teaching materials on the IB Learner Profile that were appropriate for his students. While developing the series he opened Liv & Blue Publishing, LLC in early 2018. He's worked as a classroom teacher for over 14 years in public, private and International Baccalaureate schools in Florida, Germany, and the British Virgin Islands with ages ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade. He now writes and designs for the communications team at an international school in Germany and continues to develop Liv & Blue Publishing. He's always open for questions, feedback, ideas and salutations.



Self-Publishing IB Learner Profile Teaching Materials

Atlas Blog Faria Education Group Ltd (02/20)

Managebac Blog Faria Education Group Ltd (02/20)

The Lighter Side of Learning

Teacher Plus Magazine (09/19)

Learning By Heart

Teacher Plus Magazine (12/18)

Kindness Caught on Camera

WeVideo Blog (10/18)

The Arts of Speech Part 2: Recreating Pictures with Words

Teachers & Writers Magazine (08/18)

The Arts of Speech Part 1: Unifying Meaning with Parts of Speech

Teachers & Writers Magazine (08/18)

Hydroponics for Education

Good Teacher Magazine (08/18)

Green Teacher Magazine (02/18)

The Demo Effect Project

International School Magazine (05/18)

They’re Not ‘Refugees,’ They’re People

Good Teacher Magazine (05/18)

International School Magazine (01/17)

Brugada Syndrome: Living on the Edge

You & Me America’s Medical Magazine (02/18)

Connecting Cultures, Inspiring Individuals

WeVideo Blog (12/17)

Reawakened Art: An Interview with Educator/Artist Shar

Teacher Plus Magazine (02/17)

Good Teacher Magazine (01/17)

Casting Multiple Intelligences in Classroom Filmmaking

Canadian Teacher Magazine (02/17)

Good Teacher Magazine (11/16)

Making Film, Making the Mind

Teacher Pus Magazine (12/16)

Faint Heart, Fair Lady: Sudden Death

You & Me America’s Medical Magazine (10/16)

On Academics

Jon & Jayne’s Guide to Getting through School (Mostly Intact) (2009)

On Socializing

Jon & Jayne’s Guide to Getting through School (Mostly Intact) (2009)


Becoming Even More Courageous

Liv & Blue Publishing, LLC (07/19)

Back to School Coronavirus Health & Safety Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

Liv & Blue Publishing, LLC (08/20)


The Art of Conversation

Bayou Magazine (03/14)

(First Place Winner in the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival One-Act Play Contest 2014)


Get Caught in the Act

WeVideo Blog (10/18)

The Demo Effect Project

WeVideo Blog (12/17)

Hydroponics in the Classroom

Green Teacher Magazine (12/17)


Southern Flee

Lowestoft Chronicle (2011)

One for the Road

Oysters & Chocolate (2011) [defunct]

Fair Weather Fan

Apollo’s Lyre (2011) [defunct]


Shalla Magazine (2010)

NOTA (1999) First place prose award

Faith of a Schmuck

Shalla Magazine (2010)

NOTA (2001)

Sideways Wayside

Shalla Magazine (2010)

Rose & Thorn Journal (2009) [defunct]

NOTA (2002)

A Davie's Daze

NOTA (2000)


Trick or Treat

Mash Stories (12/16) [defunct] Shortlisted for flash fiction contest

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