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Welcome to our Premium Package!

By publishing with the premium package, you will receive 30 copies of your book, which will include:

  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

  • Bar code​​

  • Full color front and back cover creation

  • Full color internal pages

  • Unlimited page count​

  • Editing (typos, spelling, grammar)

  • Page layout

  • Pagination

  • QR code to link of choice

  • Author bio inclusion on the Liv & Blue Authors page

Pricing from $10 to $17/book.

You're just 4 steps away from PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK!

1. Fill out your information.

2. Share any special directions you have for your book.

3. Upload your files.

Use only the necessary fields below to upload 2 Cover Files (1 Front Cover + 1 Back Cover) and 1 Interior Pages File, depending on your file types. If your files are too large, please go to and send your files to (Choose the free option if this prompt appears on your screen.)

Upload Cover File
Upload Cover File

- Front Cover File Upload -

- Back Cover File Upload -

Upload Cover File
Upload Cover File

- Internal Pages File Upload -

Upload Internal Pages File
Upload Internal Pages File

4. Agree to the terms and conditions.

*Please note that these terms and conditions include (among other information) your confirmation that 1. all content submitted is free of copyright other than your own, 2. all content is free of plagiarism, and 3. any and all names, images or allusions to persons, places or other significant entities have been signed off by the appropriate authorities for publication with Liv & Blue Publishing, LLC.

After submitting you will be able to choose what type of cover and what size book you would like before checking out.

Thank you for your submission! We can't wait to see your book!

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