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Becoming Even More Courageous (Matthew Baganz)

ISBN: 978-1-7327463-3-6

Page Count: 132

Trim Size: A4 (8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in. / 210 x 297 mm) (paperback color interior)

Created by: Matthew Baganz


If courage were a sea creature, what would it be? When might artificial intelligence need to show some nerve? If your toys came to life tonight, who would be the greatest hero? How many different measuring tools could you use to measure your worst fear?

Students will discover their own unique answers to these questions and many more while experiencing what it means to be courageous in dozens of different contexts!

  • Dive deep into an investigation of the concept, connotation, and meaning of the word COURAGEOUS!
  • Engage in global, social, and environmental activities, including initiatives from Fairtrade and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!
  • Reflect regularly to cope with intimidations, boost successes, and continue forward with fresh approaches to action!

Becoming Even More Courageous (Matthew Baganz)

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